ANFITBeing 100% Made in Italy for Pedretti Serramenti means to protect design, competence and skills which can be offered only by Italian talents, but it also means to believe in their Country, contributing to its wealth and the employment of its people.

It was natural then for Pedretti to be part of ANFIT, the National Association for the protection of Made in Italy production, born in response to the bad conditions of the whole control system of the Industry.

The main benefits deriving from a product made by an ANFIT partner, compared to a low-price imported one or to a poor quality (even if EC certified) are:

1) technical and security features

ANFIT associated companies’ employees have to undergo a series of controls and quality checks in order to give their products Italian UNI and European UNI EN certifications. Istituto Italiano Plastici (SINCERT accredited Third Party) releases its IIP UNI « Certificazione di Prodotto » (Product Certification), which guarantees the product performances and safety features much more than the basic self-certification dictated by EC certifications.

2) 100% Made in Italy Products

The certification IIP UNI guarantees the origin of products manufactured in Italy.

3) Energy saving

The customers who replace their old windows, doors and frames with a product made by a company associated to ANFIT will be able to take part to a project called “L’impronta che lasceremo ai nostri figli” (the legacy we are leaving to our children) aimed at reducing carbon emission as prescribed by European Community targets.

For further information, please refer to ANFIT website: