Why do we always offer a survey?

The free survey at the property which is going to be renovated with our new doors, windows and frames Made in Italy is the fundamental starting point to guarantee the best results and solutions.

We are committed to make a first check within 24 hours, sending a technical sales consultant to study and prepare the relevant offer. During this first contact with the customers and their real needs, we have a very important chance to assess the building and its structural and aesthetical features.

Together with the customer we always find a personalized solution based on the building characteristics and the particular needs.

That is another action which proves our competence, as only after a first survey, we are able to evaluate the installation and setup conditions and take the right measurement, giving a more detailed estimation of timing and price of the work. Combining all those elements allows us to offer the best solution at the best price.

Spending some of our time in a free survey is an investment we consider essential to deliver   reliable and accurate services.