Custom PVC Doors

We produce PVC doors after the analysis of the best technical and aesthetical solution for every location.
Our PVC doors can be customized in terms of features and models and can be installed and set up without any brickworks or interventions. Pedretti vast product selection includes infinite solutions which offer high thermal and acoustic insulation, both for internal doors and for entrance doors, and guarantee the highest anti-intrusion security level.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation and Aesthetical features

All PVC doors among Pedretti selection are both energy efficient and pleasant. The material used for the production was developed in years of experience and research in order to increase their main feature: thermal and acoustic insulation. A PVC door can limit thermal loss and noise spread (very annoying especially when coming from the outside). We combine energy efficiency with aesthetical features. Our customer can choose among a selection of different models, colours and coatings, depending on the surrounding environment.

Internal and External PVC Doors

Internal PVC doors are water, humidity and fire resistant. Regarding the external doors, it is important to specify that they are secure against intrusions. PVC is a perfect material also for this reason as it gives additional serenity to the people who live in the house: we developed high resistance factors solutions which, combined with the right lock, let our customer sleep tight. PVC is also used for the production of armoured doors and this should be an additional guarantee of its resistance.