PVC Features for French Doors

We offer a great product selection which includes, besides PVC doors and windows, also PVC French doors. 
The material used for the production allows to get an effective, aesthetically beautiful result and to live every corner of the house in peace and quiet.  
Pedretti French doors have the same quality features as our doors and windows: we combine PVC doors practical features with the best fitting kind of glass, always guaranteeing perfect thermal insulation.

Comfort and Convenience

Pedretti PVC French doors ensure energy efficiency in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. We also know how to enhance the aesthetical side, which is very important for the house comfort and vital to reach the company’s mission: customer satisfaction, the first point in our philosophy.

Safety for Your House and Serenity for You

Convenience, design and safety are other fundamental points for our company. Each of them is worth the highest attention when it comes to French doors. Both in new constructions and in renovations, the opportunity to easily enjoy the stay outside is a surplus value for the whole building and its inhabitants’ life. The different opening possibilities are also part of the safety guarantee ensured by our PVC French doors which allows every parent to live relaxed as they are avoiding any risks for their children.


A kind of glass for every need.

Pedretti Serramenti offers all kinds of glass and advises you in choosing the best for your needs. Within our glass selection you can find: