One Pedretti Window for Every Need

We produce PVC windows carefully projecting the best technical solution aesthetically fitting the surrounding environment. PVC windows can be customized in terms of size, model and features. Our large product selection includes infinite solutions which offer a high acoustic insulation, effective sun protection and thermal insulation, and guarantee a great anti-intrusion security level.

Combined Efficiency and Beauty

Besides the energy efficiency features (thanks to the material used) and the resulting energy saving (thanks to the perfect thermal insulation), our PVC windows ensure a great aesthetical result, always with the highest attention to detail. When you choose windows, doors and frames they have to stand for the idea you have of a home: that’s why it is vital that those products are smoothly integrated in the interior design. Also from the outside, a window can mark out both the front and the whole house and leave a particular impression. The distinctive trait of a house is mainly given by windows: whether they be large windows or classic ones with shutters: they are always very important decorative elements.

Best performances for new buildings and renovations

We provide with customized solutions for new construction building up to A+ class and we replace old windows, doors and frames without brickworks. When we send our technicians on-site for the first survey, we take care of checking the already existing joints in order to make the new ones fitting the environment: in this way, the energy recovery for every kind of building becomes very easy to get.









A kind of glass for every need.

Pedretti Serramenti offers all kinds of glass and advises you in choosing the best for your needs. Within our glass selection you can find: