Italian “Legge di Stabilità 2016” extends also for 2016 the fiscal bonus for house renovation expenses.

Tax-deduction: extension and benefits

Irpef fiscal deduction by 50% and 65% for energetic requalification was extended until 31 December 2016, so we are not going back to the 36% deduction for renovation works, at least for the current year.
Law n.190/2014, extended to 2015, was confirmed again and it gives the chance to get the highest Irpef deduction (50%) with a maximum expense of 96000€ for every property - for furniture and household appliances energy certified with A+ or more (restricted to property renovation).
The same applies for all the requalification works in properties which get the 65% deduction – for every energetic requalification intervention, aimed at reducing energy consumption, environmental conservation and health.

2016: New Deduction

Italian “Legge di Stabilità 2016” also extends:

  • The 65% deduction to public sector and council housing;
  • Furniture bonus;
  • Irpef 50% deduction for furniture and household appliances to young couples starting a rental contract.

2016 Deduction and PVC Windows, Doors and Frames

What happens to PVC windows, doors and frames? As for the energetic requalification intervention aimed at increasing building energy efficiency, a window / door / frame replacement is a perfect case where to apply the 65% fiscal deduction.
You have time until the end of 2016 to replace your old windows fixtures or doors with more efficient new ones.

PVC windows, doors and frames are the best solution for home energy saving. PVC is a perfect material for thermal insulation as it has low thermal transmittance. Therefore, if used for building house doors and windows, it can considerably increase the properties energy efficiency standards.

For further details on 2016 deduction, please refer to Agenzia delle Entrate website.